Abusive Domain Names & Defensive Domain Blocking

Abusive Domain Names & Defensive Domain Blocking

It's always good to get a user's perspective on how they leverage our iQ Abuse Manager to assist them in dealing with abusive domain names reported by our threat intelligence feeds.

One such user is Kevin Kopas, Co-Founder and COO at Shortdot SA. ShortDot owns and operates 5 TLDs, .icu, .bond, .cyou, .CFD, and .sbs.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Kevin for about 7 years, and am lucky to be able to see him face-to-face often enough, even during the pandemic, as we both live in the Austin, Texas area and share domain geekiness traits.

I asked Kevin if he would go on camera for an interview. Not to have him gush over our wonderful Abuse Manager and bore you with sales propaganda, but to tell us a little bit about his journey in the domain business, lessons learned from launching 5 TLDs, and his views on dealing with abusive domain names, including compromised domains, defining "DNS Abuse", the role of stakeholders and trusted notifiers, gathering evidence, standards, etc. From a registry operator user point of view.

We also discuss their new ShortBlock defensive domain blocking service that helps protect trademarks and IP, and what it might be like to get back on the road again.

Please check out the video interview or listen to the podcast! You can also listen via your smart speaker. Just say: "Play iQ Global podcast Episode 11"

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