iQ nominated for Scamfighter Organization of the Year

iQ nominated for Scamfighter Organization of the Year

We at iQ are thrilled to announce our nomination of our iQ Abuse Manager as Scamadviser’s “Scamfighter Organization of the Year 2020.”

iQ Abuse Manager has already been adopted by 150+ TLDs, leading registrars and hosters. So besides getting their vote we’d be grateful for yours! 🙂 Just head over here to cast your ballot no later than Wednesday, January 20th.

We’d also like to congratulate the other Organization nominees: React, BrandShield, Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), Global Cyber Alliance, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Internet Crime Compliant Center (IC3), Action Fraud UK, Cybercrime Support (CSN) and ScamAlert Singapore as well as the Individuals who have been nominated.

Last year proved to be a real challenge to organizations fighting all types of domain name abuse. The COVID-19 pandemic added a new dimension to the challenge of fighting scams. Innocent victims got trapped with online scams perpetrated by fraudsters from all corners of the globe. While this award nominates some of the organisations who are working to fight abuse, we know that it takes not only the nominees, but all of us to fight many types of online scams and abuse.

We encourage your participation by voting for “Scamfighter Organization of the Year 2020.” And not just for us! A vote for any candidate is a vote for the fight against abuse and contributes to supporting and encouraging all to continue their work!