Introducing our Threat Intelligence Marketplace

Introducing our Threat Intelligence Marketplace

Our analyzer engine is the power behind our significantly updated threat intelligence feed marketplace that is built into v2 of the Abuse Manager.

We’ve painstakingly vetted over 250 feeds, and only the very few that address our core standards make the cut. Core standards such as high freshness, consistent high burden of evidence, and low false-positive rates. You can enable or disable specific feeds, and even bring your own feeds to our platform.

We believe that customers having complete control and transparency is a must for any of our products, and we have built on this ethos in the updated marketplace.

From the Abuse Manager dashboard, you can view, subscribe to, or disable any of the feeds that we offer.

But that’s not all.

Each feed comes with its own feed info card that provides details about the feed, what threat(s) it scans for, and if relevant, a per domain cost.


In the case of Premium feeds, before one is activated, you will be shown the exact cost breakdown based on the number of domains that need to be scanned.

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 08.39.45.png

And that's still not all.

Bring your own License

The commitment to our ethos of working WITH you goes further. If you’re already subscribed to a feed that is available on the platform, we will activate that feed in Abuse Manager at no extra cost.

New Feeds

While the list of our current feeds is comprehensive, we continually review feeds for inclusion. New base feeds will automatically be added at no additional cost. Any new premium feeds can be activated by you if, and when, required.

These recent updates also make it easy for threat intelligence feeds to be added to the marketplace dashboard. So, while we review and test feeds all of the time, if one that we are not aware of wants to be added, we can do so quickly. If you have any suggestions on a new feed, please email us at

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