Join us for the NameBlock Pre-Launch Webinar

Join us for the NameBlock Pre-Launch Webinar

Fighting and managing domain abuse once it has been reported is something that we at iQ as well as many of us in the industry, and registrants themselves, deal with every day. Imagine how much less resource time it might take if one could PREVENT domain abuse from happening in the first place?  

Our team along with other industry veterans have been thinking about abuse prevention for a while. The result of this is an exciting new initiative called NameBlock

NameBlock is a marketplace for domain name-blocking services launching in 2023. NameBlock will use data to identify potential abusive strings to prevent DNS Abuse, with the extra benefit of providing a revenue-generating service to any participating Registry Operator or Registrar. It will offer Registrants the ability to protect their businesses online across many domain extensions. 

The marketplace will be open to all TLDs, including ccTLDs and legacy gTLDs, and existing blocking services.  Registrars can include name blocking in their service offerings, providing an additional revenue opportunity.

Would you like to learn more? Then please join me (Pinky Brand) and my colleagues Rolf Larsen and Michael Halvorsen from iQ on Thursday, 20 October 2022, at 15:00 UTC for the NameBlock Pre-Launch Information Session #1 to learn more, including:

  • The Business Model Blocking Categories and Policies
  • Using Data to Prevent DNS Abuse
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • How to Participate 
  • NameBlock’s Launch Schedule

Please register now to attend and we'll look forward to sharing information and getting your feedback! Perhaps it's not a convenient time for you? Register anyway and we'll automatically send you the recording.

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