New! iQ Abuse Manager Scan Interval Control

New! iQ Abuse Manager Scan Interval Control

During 2020, we focused on upgrading our backend technology, ensuring that our technical stack is up to date and can scale with our customers' needs going forward. Today we are pleased to announce the first feature that takes advantage of our improved infrastructure, and that is our new optional Scan Interval Control feature.

Most abuse sources in iQ Abuse Manager are updated many times per day, and all but one are updated at least every hour. Customers are now able to discover abuse faster by decreasing the interval between scans. You can now select to scan once every 12, 6, 3 hours, or even every hour. It’s your choice.

The default scan interval for iQ Abuse Manager is, and will remain, 24 hours, which is more than sufficient for most customers. However, if you would like to receive new cases and reports more frequently, you are now able to specify the scan interval within the Abuse Manager Settings under Abuse Automation. This feature is ideal for registrars and registries who do active abuse work.

Please note that increasing the number of scans per day will incur an additional monthly fee. Up to date pricing information is available in your iQ Abuse Manager account, under Settings and Abuse Automation, next to the interval option.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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