Premium Domain Names | A .cloud & European perspective

Premium Domain Names |  A .cloud & European perspective

I had the pleasure of speaking recently with Shaun Wilkinson, who is an industry friend and a customer (.cloud is a customer of iQ) regarding the development and brokering of premium domain name inventory from a registry operator point of view, specifically his experience as Head of Premium Names at .cloud, and how the pandemic and cloud computing sector is affecting naming trends.

Until we connected for this interview, I didn't realize that Shaun speaks six languages! He is from England, lived in Italy, and now resides in Germany, and thus brings a European perspective to the new gTLD market.

Another interesting tidbit about Shaun: He founded and runs an official charity, the Hope Children's Center, which supports and maintains schools in poor areas of Kenya. If you've attended domain or hosting industry events you've probably heard about it. However, in case you haven't, we spend the last five minutes learning more about this wonderful cause.

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