Sharing Secrets

Sharing Secrets

Once every now and then, I find myself needing to share a secret away from the context of other information that explains what the secret is.

Sending a password or other sensitive information in a chat, an email, or just about anywhere, together with additional information related to what the sensitive information can be used for, is simply not good practice.

If I don't share some secure and hidden away storage with whomever, I want to share this secret with, and I am limited to using some other communication method. But are they secure? Is the communication encrypted in any meaningful way? I have seen many occurrences of One Time Password services out there, most of them riddled with ads, with no information about who is behind the service nor how the data is stored. Let's agree that this does not inspire great confidence with the ability of the service to keep my secret.

Another annoyance is that many of these services show the secret directly when someone visits the link.

So, if I send the secret link to someone, who heaven forbid, uses the Gmail app or webmail, this sweet and innocent email service takes it upon themselves to visit every link that shows up in their user's emails. Thus making the "ONE TIME SECRET" be used and discarded.

How nice of them..?

So, instead, I decided to create an iQ-style one-time secret service. At, I can now share my secrets, away from context, in a secure and very well encrypted manner.

The secret is encrypted, the traffic to and from the site is encrypted, the traffic between the site and the secret storage API is encrypted, and the storage itself is encrypted. The recipient of a link to my secret is also presented with a step option once opening the link, which stops friendly email services from discarding the secret. It gives the possibility to wait to disclose the secret until the user has a good way of storing it on their end. Who knows, the recipient might click the link in error while riding their lawnmower, making excellent patterns in the grass.

For a secret out of context, this, to me, feels like the right way to do it. And, if you think so too, you are welcome to use iQ One Time Secret, with no cost, no ads, and your trust in iQ, as a neutral party with no access to your secret, as a guarantee.

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