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About iQ Premium Domain Brokerage

Our brokerage services are reserved for those seeking to acquire a truly exceptional super premium domain name for their business idea, investment, or brand, and have a budget to pay for it. Conversely, if you’re a seller and our appraisal of your asset meets our standards, then we’ll take it on to market and sell. It’s that simple. It keeps us focused and our clients happy.

We have worked in the domain and hosting industries since 1993. We have direct and personal experience acquiring and selling super premium generic domain names. We have a tradition of operating discreetly with the highest caliber global network of investor contacts and brands. We only deal with real authenticated investors and companies.

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Acquire a Domain

Buying a super premium domain name can be stressful. You may be risking budget, capital, cash flow, an equity position and more. On the flip side, capturing the right name asset can propel your business idea, investment or brand to the next level of your dreams.

We can advise you on deal structure to fit your budget and business plan - because we’ve done it for ourselves. Please contact us to discuss your needs in complete confidence. We aren’t happy unless you are happy with the result.

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Sell a Domain

Selling a super premium name to the right buyer can take on a variety of creative terms and conditions that can leverage multiple opportunity and risk factors for both parties.

If our appraisal of your asset and belief that your expectations meet our standards we’ll take it on to market and sell. We work on an exclusive representation basis and earn our broker fees if we are successful. Please contact us to discuss your thoughts in complete confidence.

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Appraise a Domain

What’s the value of your domain asset? Is it really a high-value super premium?

We have been appraising domain names and entire portfolios for years for our clients. We understand factors such as buyer demand side needs and desires, investment goals and name trends and formats. Please contact us to discuss any domain name or portfolio in complete confidence

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iQ Domain Brokerage Appraise a domain

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