CSAM Prevention: Now accessible for free

TLDs can now access iQ Abuse Manager with the IWF CSAM threat feed for free.

Take a Stand Against CSAM - It's Essential, Easy, and Free

Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) is profoundly harmful as it directly exploits and abuses children, causing lasting psychological and physical trauma.

PIR has entered into an agreement with IWF, who maintains the IWF Hotline for reporting CSAM, to offer the free use of IWF CSAM reports to any Registry (gTLD or ccTLD).

iQ's mission is to make the Internet a safer place, and this initiative by PIR and the IWF naturally aligns with that mission.

We're in!

TLDs can now access iQ Abuse Manager with the IWF CSAM threat feed for free.

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The data you will have access to

Domain Alerts
Domain Alerts help registry operators stop their top-level domains (TLDs) from containing domains which host this disturbing criminal imagery.
TLD Hopping List
A list of domain names used for the distribution of CSAM  via "hopping" from one  TLD to another. Helps prevent second-level domains that would be dedicated to distribution of CSAM from being registered.

Benefits of using iQ Abuse Manager

IWF will share the CSAM reports via email.  Due to their sensitive nature, handling the reports securely is critical to preventing accidental leaks or exposure.

iQ Abuse manager already includes functionality to automatically retrieve CSAM reports from IWF for your TLD, ensuring data is encrypted and securely managed.

iQ Abuse Manager notifies you via email when a new report is received, without including sensitive details, prompting your only chosen staff members,  to log into iQ Abuse Manager and review for further action.

image of the Abuse Manager dashboard

How do I get started

Simply provide your details to the IWF via this page to get the process going.
Make sure to add a note about iQ in the "Anything Else" section.

Once the IWF has set you up, let us know and we will set you up with your free iQ Abuse Manager account.

Frequently asked questions

Can Registrars sign up?

Unfortunately not. The sponsorship agreement between PIR and the IWF only includes  Registries at this time.

I am already a  IWF member, can I avail of the offer?

Unfortunately not. The agreement between PIR and the IWF only includes anyone is currently not a member.

Can PIR view my data?

No. PIR is not a part of any agreement between you and the IWF or you and iQ  and will have no visibility into any alerts provided to the registry or RSP