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Abuse Manager

Spend less time fighting abuse. Designed for Registries, Registrars, Hosters, Domain Administrators, & SaaS Platforms.

Continuous scanning for malicious acts targeting your domains. Receive instant threat alerts on Phishing, Malware, Botnet, Scam, Spam and Hacked Sites.

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Get tailor-made reports from one of the world's most extensive repositories of malicious domains and gain insight into Domain Abuse trends.

Managed Abuse

Strengthen your internal anti-abuse efforts with our expertise. So you can focus on growing and running your business

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Domain Analytics

Business Intelligence SaaS solution for Registries. Made to improve insight and growth.

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iQ is a software and consulting service provider for the domain name business. Its products and services are designed to provide both data-driven and experience-based business intelligence which, will enable you to gain meaningful insight, develop a strategy and deliver innovative platforms and websites for your own namespace.

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