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Helping you to make the  Internet a better place

AI technology to empower the Internet Infrastructure Community

Who we are

We are a team of internet infrastructure and Domain veterans who have dedicated their careers to making the internet better.

iQ is an agile company providing both AI powered Cyber threat intelligence and Business intelligence tools. Upheld by strong ethical standards, we are committed to our customer's success and to the broader goal of sustaining an open and vibrant Internet.

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What we do
Driving innovation to strengthen the Internet Infrastructure Industry

At iQ, we provide AI-enhanced cyber threat intelligence and mitigation tools to monitor and safeguard your company and users. Additionally, our business intelligence tools empower you to better understand your customers and deliver exceptional service.

Our mission
Our mission is to elevate the Internet Infrastructure Industry with pioneering technology

The Internet stands as a cornerstone of modern civilization and the infrastructure industry are its stewards. Our mission is to elevate the Internet Infrastructure Industry with pioneering technology, ensuring they serve and safeguard their customers with unparalleled excellence.

Our philosophy
We are committed to the goal of sustaining an open and vibrant Internet

Our philosophy, to be proactive, not reactive, is rooted in the Norwegian concept of DUGNAD. Meaning “help or support”. We must work as a community to create the internet we want to have. Dugnad in practice, is the members of a community fulfilling their responsibilities to the community.

Our products and services

iQ enables the domain infrastructure businesses to stay ahead of the curve by gaining valuable insights into customer needs and the ever-changing security environment.


Our AI-enhanced cyber threat intelligence tools ensure that your online presence is constantly monitored and protected.

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Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence tools empower you with the knowledge to deliver exceptional service and exceed customer expectations.

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Focus on your core business by tapping into combined 100+ years of trusted knowledge, experience and wisdom in the domain name industry.

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Applying AI to improve everyday life

AI is an essential tool for us. We apply data science and AI in ethical and diverse ways to add value for customers, partners and our businesses.