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Introducing iQ Abuse Stats

iQ Abuse Stats offers free daily reports on domain abuse, tailored for registrars and hosting providers. Get quick insights into phishing, spam, malware, botnets, and hacked sites for proactive defense with an easy, fee-free subscription.

Top-Level Domain Name Registries

Subscribe to iQ Abuse reports to stay informed about domain name abuse in your name space.

Name Server Operators

If you are a registrar, hosting provider, or DNS-provider, iQ Abuse reports will give you insights if domain name abuse is a problem for your operation.

Domain Name Holders

If you manage or are considering purchasing a portfolio of domain names, subscribe to iQ Abuse Report, then sit back and relax. We will let you know if abuse occurs.

Get tailor-made reports about malicious activities

iQ maintains one of the world's most comprehensively Threat Intelligence Repositories


Fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as user credentials or credit card details


Distribution of malicious software intended to control and/or damage infrastructure, systems or networks


Networks of devices infected with Malware often used to carry out distributed denial of service attacks


Fraudulent websites set up with malicious intent to deceive end-users. Often referred to as fake webshops


Domains names used to send unsolicited emails to end users. Often used as a carrier of other types of malicious behavior.


Domain names and websites that have been compromised by hackers. Often used as a carrier of other types of malicious behavior.

How it works

Be up and running in 5 minutes

1. Setup a subscription

Subscribing to iQ Abuse reports is quick, easy and totally free! There are no fees or payment details to enter unless you choose to upgrade to a more detailed report.

2. Define your report

When you subscribe you will need to specify if you want the report to be based on Top-Level domain extensions, name servers, IP addresses, or a list of domain names. Then you will need to input the TLDs, DNS-servers, IPs, or domain names you wish to include in your customized report.

3. Check your inbox

Once you have defined your report parameters, you will be asked to confirm your account, then your first Abuse report will be waiting in your inbox.

4. Share with your team

Invite team members to share your report. You can invite as many team members as you wish to receive the report.

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Frequently asked questions

What is iQ Abuse Stats?

iQ Abuse Stats is an emerging source for statistics related to domain name abuse. Our goal with the service is to inform and enable actors to fight malicious behaviour globally. The first step in this direction is the iQ Abuse Report, a free daily report on domain name abuse, tailor-made for each subscriber.

How do I get my very own Abuse Report?

First and foremost: Subscribe!

In this process, we will need your Name, Email and Company as well as the resources you want to monitor in your report.The resources can be one out of three types. The first type is Top-Level Domains (TLDs) with which you will monitor an entire TLD (like .com, .no or .global).

The second type of resource is Name Servers, which lets you keep track of how a Registrar, Hosting Company or DNS-provider is doing. Simply input the domain name which is used for the Name Servers you want to monitor (like if the Name Servers are and

The third and last type is domain names where you can monitor a list of domain names. Simply input the domain names (like, etc) and you will get a report based on these domain names.

If you subscribe to a report with resources that we cannot find any abuse reports for, then your web based report will simply state so and you won't get an email report from us until we do find something!

Who are you?

iQ is a SaaS and consulting company specialising in providing the domain name industry with products and services they need in order to optimise and secure their business. We have more than 100 years of combined experience in the domain name industry and we use all of it for our customers!

How does iQ define "Domain Name Abuse"?

We categorise Domain Name Abuse as malicious activities that can easily and universally be agreed to be unwanted. This includes phishing, spam, malware, botnets and hacked sites.

Where does iQ get the data?

The data powering and the iQ Abuse Report is gathered from a large selection of reputable threat intelligence feeds as well as publicly available sources like the DNS and Whois.

It is Free you say?

Yes! The base version of the iQ Abuse Report is free for anyone to subscribe to and use.

But, I need more! Can I have more?

Of course! iQ offers paid services, both in the form of a more detailed report, down to the domain name level, and the iQ Abuse Manager, which is a complete Abuse Management tool with case and report management, as well as detailed domain abuse statistics. Just contact us and we can talk about what you need!