Abuse Manager - New Feature: Report Sharing

Are you tired of searching for abuse information in countless emails or attachments (often with cryptic names) ?

Frustrated with creating endless domain abuse spreadsheets and sending the same emails over and over?

Worry no more!

With Abuse Manager's new report sharing feature, you can create DNS abuse reports within minutes, and sharing them with 3rd parties is a cinch.

What does it do ?

The Share Reports functionality provides the means to share either a number of abuse reports or all reports with partners and other 3rd parties, via a static or a dynamic share

  • The Static share: is a one-time share of a specific set of abuse reports. This type of share will always contain the same reports and will not update over time.
  • The Dynamic share: is an ongoing delivery of reports that updates whenever new reports come in. The reports are selected using filters that decide which reports should be included.

Quick to set up

Setting up a static report takes only a few minutes. Simply select the cases you want to share, click "Share Reports", give the report a name and you're done! A link is created for you to share with partners and the reports are presented in multiple HTML, JSON and Plain Text formats. Making it super easy to ingest the data into other systems if needs be.


Fire and forget!

The power of the share reports feature is that you only need to create a report once. Whether it's a static or dynamic report, it will always be available via a unique URL until such time as you delete it.

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 17.03.37.png

So, if you're an iQ Abuse Manager user, give it whirl and let us know what you think.

If you're not, we offer a no commitment, 14 day free trial, so why not try it out!