Carel Bitter updates us on Spamhaus, botnet C&C, and criminal domain name usage trends

Carel Bitter is Head of Data at Spamhaus. I was fortunate to interview him last year for our iQ Podcast #5: "How Spamhaus addresses DNS Abuse." It's still worth checking out if you missed it!

And last month, I was delighted to catch up again with Carel, this time in person while attending Nordic Domains 2022 in Stockholm. I asked him to spare 25 minutes to provide us with an update on Spamhaus' DNS abuse fighting activities among other topics, such as:

  • The latest in cyber threats that they track
  • Regulatory interest observations, and related reports on domain abuse
  • Criminal domain name usage trends that propagate phishing, malware, and botnets
  • The issues of trust, authenticating users
  • How botnet command and control points work
  • Potential threats due to the war in Ukraine

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