iQ Abuse Manager Enhanced Communication

Communication is a big part of investigating and mitigating domain name abuse. Reaching out to an abuse department at the Registrar of an indicated domain name; or letting a Registrant know that their domain name was reported for abuse are just a few examples.

iQ Abuse Manager has, since its launch, supported daily email notifications to our customers about new reports, and earlier this year, we added backend support for sending automated messages to anyone, including ticketing and CRM systems through the ruleset feature. At the same time, we added support for automating emails to the Abuse Contacts from Whois.

In our latest update, we take this one step further. We now allow customers to add their email server to iQ Abuse Manager, enabling them to send out emails that contain abuse report information to whomever they wish to inform about a case of abuse.

Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 09.12.49.png

This new option will automatically appear in the case view if you have set up an SMTP-server in the Abuse Manager Settings. It will automatically insert the registrar abuse email address from Whois into your defined email template. All fields can be modified, including the recipient, subject, and message.

Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 09.16.30.png

You can always contact the iQ Team at using one of our contact forms or the chat if you need help setting up your email server for use in the system!