Inbound Email Reports

The launch of iQ Abuse Manager version 2, has provided much new and powerful functionality to our customers. One such addition is the "Inbound Email Reports" feature. It was created to make receiving reports on DNS Abuse more manageable. Whether it's from within your organisation or an external party.

Using a system email account, the iQ Abuse Engine receives inbound messages, to which it applies logic and determines the domain name and the type of abuse being reported. From the gathered information and any additional content in the message, such as attached evidence files, a case is created in the customer's account for them to manage.


If the Abuse Engine cannot determine the required parameters from the email, the next abuse agent to log into the account will be asked to categorise the message, after which the process resumes. The list of use cases for Inbound Email Reports is extensive, but a few examples are:

1) Customers can create cases by emailing the system from an email client or a ticketing system instead of logging in and doing it manually.

2) iQ Abuse Manager can act as the backend for an abuse report form on a website. Automatically populating the list of cases that abuse agents need to manage.

3) When one party, such as a Top-Level Domain Registry, wants to ask one of their Registrars to investigate a list of domain names, they can send it directly to the system. Instead of a person who would need to manage the list manually. This not only saves time but also the potential of the message being missed if the person is out of the office.

With the release of the first version of this feature, we are gathering feedback and already working on increasing its functionality. Stay tuned to hear more about Inbound Email Reports further down the road!

If you see a benefit of this feature for your organisation but don't already have an iQ Abuse Manager account, I recommend that you sign up for our free 14-day trial or contact us for a demo of the service.