Introducing Ruleset for Abuse Manager

Anyone that has ever had to manage domain name abuse in quantity knows that it's a time-consuming task, but one that has to be done! Thus, anything that can help making the process easier to manage is sorely needed.

Helping in this way is one of the pillars behind iQ Abuse Manager and this is why I am so very happy to introduce the latest functionality for easier management of domain name abuse.

Ruleset for Abuse Manager is an Event & Reaction based tool that can automate some tasks that would otherwise have to be handled by a person, taking up time and resources. In a nutshell, it lets the system do things for you, using a predefined set of rules, with each rule having a set of filters, an Event, and a Reaction, with the occasional need for an external parameter such as an email address or a URL.

Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 14.38.26.png

This ruleset can be used to do many things, with examples being:

  • Restrict the source or category of domain name abuse cases to those you wish to manage manually by closing cases from other sources or categories.
  • Notify internal staff or external consultants about new reports and cases, for specific zones, sources or categories of domain name abuse, as soon as they are created.
  • Notify the Registrar Abuse Contact as seen in Whois when a report is created for a domain name to escalate the issue beyond your organisation.
  • Integrate with ticketing systems such as OTRS, JIRA, and Zendesk, by sending computer and/or human-readable emails in a number of formats to a queue when a case is created or closed.
  • Integrate with basically any HTTP-GET based API's by having the ruleset trigger a call to a URL, with case / report data included, when a case or report is created or when a case is closed.
  • Once one of the above mentioned notify or integrate actions has been taken, a case might be considered "Open" instead of the default state of a new case, "Unactioned", and the Ruleset lets you set the case status automatically as well.

The examples above are just the beginning of Ruleset for Abuse Manager and we can't wait to have our customers try the feature out and come at us with their feedback. This first version of the functionality has a basic set of Events and Reactions, which we will grow with time, as we come up with new ideas that could save time for our customers, or when you share your brilliant idea with us on what Rulesets you would like to see!

If you have yet to try out iQ Abuse Manager, feel free to sign up for a free trial on or contact us at

iQ Abuse Manager is used by more than 150 Top-Level Domain Names, Registry Backend Operators, Registrars, and SaaS-services. As long as you have domain names you manage, that you want to keep free of domain name abuse, Abuse Manager is a service for you!