Leading with transparency: A peek behind the curtain of the iQ R&D shop.

At iQ, we consider Research and Development (R&D) an important element of our work culture. Each of our employees are also creators and all ideas are welcome, many of which eventually become products and features. A by-product of this ethos means we constantly improve our existing products based on new technology; our current focus is on AI and how the tool can be harnessed to dramatically improve the detection of and response to online harms material including DNS Abuse. 

We extend our R&D interests to our client partnerships as well, meaning that when a partner comes to us with an idea that we find exciting, we can work with them as the technical guide to develop a new product together. Sometimes this means that we are solely building the technical infrastructure, and sometimes it can mean that we are also lending out staff, consulting or creating policy frameworks. Our client project collaborations include numerous registries, for whom we have crafted bespoke Registry Websites and Premium Domains Portals (we’ve even assisted in the creation of a complete brand identity). 

The iQ partnership project that may be most familiar is NameBlock. NameBlock was originally brought to us by our existing client, Shortdot. In this instance, iQ has created the technology that powers this product. This idea excited us as it is a service that supports market-wide adoption for blocking where before only islands of support for this new type of brand management and abuse protection had existed. In addition to creating the technology behind the product, we’ve also leant out our beloved SVP of Marketing and Business Development Pinky Brand and our Chairman of the Board, Rolf Larsen, to work with NameBlock to help bring it to market.

At iQ, we greatly value partnership and collaboration. It's important to note that while we work closely together, iQ products and services are distinct from those of our partners and their associated businesses. We have not integrated our partners or their employees into iQ, and our relationships are built on mutual respect and collaboration.

These projects fuel our creativity and keep our perspectives fresh, ultimately leading to new ideas and innovations that enhance our own product offerings. A testament to this is the forthcoming AI functionality in iQ Abuse Manager v3 and iQ Risk Score, among other advancements.

Perhaps you have a product you’d like to bring to the iQ R&D Workshop?