LG shares what's new with Abuse Manager v2.0

I managed to snag 30 minutes away from our CTO LG Forsberg's schedule last week. I put him on the mic and camera so he could provide direct commentary on some of the top features that are part of the significant upgrade of our Abuse Manager to version 2.0.

There's a lot more to v2.0 than we could cover in less than 30 minutes. But we did our best covering topics such as:

  • The evolution of RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor to Abuse Manager and v2.0
  • Dashboard and UI
  • Case Management, Sorting, Filtering, Exporting
  • Reports
  • Rulesets
  • Threat Intelligence Marketplace feeds
  • The vetting process for Threat Intelligence Marketplace feeds
  • Inbound Email Reports
  • Evidence and Screenshot support
  • Other features, summary, looking toward v2.1, customer use cases
  • Free Trial, how it works

And more! All chapter topics are time-stamped so you can instantly go to what interests you the most.

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