New Feed Integration: Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

We're excited to share the news that iQ has joined the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) as a Member.

The team is hard at work integrating the IWF URL lists into our premium DNS Abuse product, iQ Abuse Manager. The IWF URL List provides a comprehensive list of webpages with confirmed images and videos of child sexual abuse. iQ, will use the URL List to help leading registrars, hosting providers and others, stop abuse on the Internet.

All IWF Members can use this list, under licence, so that they can block access to these criminal webpages. While access to the images and videos is blocked, the IWF Hotline works to have the actual picture or video removed from the internet.

Protecting customers and staff

This also means that iQ Global will soon be able to provide its customers, who are IWF members, with secure access to a vital IWF tool to protect their staff from accidentally viewing child sexual abuse material online.

No Added Cost

There will be no cost to iQ Abuse Manager customers who want to access the IWF URL List. They simply need to be an IWF member. Membership fees go towards helping IWF pursue their mission to stop child sexual abuse online.

If you would like to add this feed to your Abuse Manager service, please contact us and we can guide you accordingly.

You can find out more about becoming a Member and the services the IWF can provide here.

Reporting Child Sexual Abuse Online

  • The IWF have also provided us with some helpful advice when making a report:
  • Do report images and videos of child sexual abuse to the IWF to be removed. Reports to the IWF are anonymous.
  • Do provide the exact URL where child sexual abuse images are located.
  • Don’t report other harmful content – you can find details of other agencies to report to on the IWF’s website.
  • Do report to the police if you are concerned about a child’s welfare,
  • Do report only once for each web address – or URL. Repeat reporting of the same URL isn’t needed and wastes analysts’ time