Feature Highlight: Fast Filtering On Domain Names

  • Has a Registry sent you a list of domains to report back on?
  • Do you need to locate a list of domains to send to a Registrar?
  • Has ICANN selected you for an audit?

We have you covered.

Abuse Manager includes functionality to let you filter cases on a list of domains. And since we released it, it's become a firm favourite of all our customers.

All you have to do is paste in the list of domain names you need, and hey presto, all cases and associated information are presented for you in the Cases view.


From here you can quickly export them to .csv or Excel format and forward them to the relevant person.


ICANN Spec 11.3b compliant

For gTLDs that are contractually obliged to monitor for threats, iQ Abuse Manager provides reports that are compliant with ICANN's Specification 11.3B.

Helping you stay compliant and ensuring you can retrieve relevant data with little manual intervention.