Service Highlight: Managed DNS Abuse

DNS abuse is a growing issue and coming under more scrutiny at Government levels.

As well as our highly trusted and popular SaaS product Abuse Manager and Domain Analytics, iQ offers additional expert-led services to the industry.

One of these is our Managed Abuse service. Used by and depended upon by a number of TLDs, the clients' abuse cases are managed by our Security and Policy experts.

It's a perfect service for those that:

  • need to focus on growing and running the business
  • do not have in-house expertise
  • want to augment in-house efforts with our experts' knowledge and experience

How does it work?

The Security and Policy Expert (“SPE”) will assess the abuse cases created in the iQ Abuse Manager system and on the client's behalf, investigate, and take appropriate actions, in accordance with agreed on procedures and follow up the case until the case is concluded.

This can take the form of advising on non-standard policy cases, liaising with back-end providers, Registrars, Resellers, Hosting Companies and law enforcement to ensure the correct action is taken by the most appropriate party.

Naturally, documentation and audit trails are key. So every step is recorded for review, reporting purposes, and ensuring compliance with external parties (ie. ICANN, Governments).

If your team needs Policy advice or DNS abuse case management, please get in touch and we will let you know how we can help.