Stop child sexual abuse online. iQ integrates with the Internet Watch Foundation

We're excited to share the news that the Internet Watch Foundation’s (IWF) URL List is now available to subscribe to in iQ Abuse Manager.

IWF exists to stop child sexual abuse online.The IWF URL List provides a comprehensive list of webpages with confirmed images and videos of child sexual abuse.

This means that iQ Abuse Manager customers, who are IWF members, now have secure access to a vital IWF tool to stop abuse on the Internet and protect their staff from accidentally viewing child sexual abuse material online. Using Abuse Manager to control access to the IWF URL List ensures that only permitted users can access the feed details and all access is logged.

No Added Costs

There will be no cost to iQ Abuse Manager customers who want to access the IWF URL List. iQ customers simply need to be an IWF member. Membership fees go towards helping IWF pursue their mission to stop child sexual abuse online.

Current IWF Members

If you would like to add this feed to your Abuse Manager service, please contact us and we can guide you accordingly.

Non-IWF Members

Due to the nature of the service from the IWF, becoming a member and enabling the feed in iQ Abuse Manager involves a few steps.

You can find out more about becoming a Member and the services the IWF can provide here.

Her to help

iQ is proud to provide our customers access to this vital information to help make the Internet a safer place. We would like to encourage all our customers to support the IWF mission to stop child sexual abuse online. If you have any questions on this new integration, please do not hesitate to contact us.