Viewing threat analysis for any given domain

Threat analysis is a key feature of iQ Abuse Manager. As well as being able to see a general threat overview, you can dig deeper into any individual case.

To view the details for any domain name, simply click "Cases" and select the domain name in question.

The threat reports and timeline for that domain will be displayed front and centre.

Reports are shown for current and previous cases.

Clicking the "Details" button will provide you with detailed information such as:

  • Date created
  • Last verified
  • Threat Category
  • Which Threat Intelligence Feed created the report
  • Any additional details provided by the feed

Additional Information:

This page provides you with additional data to allow you to make an informed decision on how to act on the abuse.

  • Threat Timeline: offers functionality to filter by current or all cases, all reports and all events. Giving you a quick glimpse of issues as they appeared.
  • DNS Information
  • Screenshot: taken when the report was created. The screenshot can be blurred out by default and "un-blurred" when a review is required. A new screenshot can also be taken, to check for any recent changes to the offending website.

Video How To: