Abuse Management Evolved!

It’s almost four years since the first-ever abuse case was created in iQ Abuse Manager, which back then was called RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor. Over those years, Abuse Manager has provided trackable, actionable abuse intelligence to:

  • More than 175 TLDs
  • Leading Registry Service Providers
  • International Registrars
  • Hosting Companies
  • Domain Administrators
  • SaaS Platforms

During the course of development, we added new threat intelligence feeds, automation using rulesets and other features. But, the look and feel of the system had more or less stayed the same.

Today, that all changes!

More than 5.8 million cases later, iQ Abuse Manager has received its biggest update to date. Over this period, we've seen rapid subscriber growth and received incredible user feedback. This has provided us with the perfect opportunity to innovate further and bolster our commitment to fighting abuse.

When it comes to managing DNS abuse in bulk, our efforts focused on intuitive case processing and smart automation. All with the overarching goal of playing our part in making the internet a safer place.

With a completely new and improved UI, as well as a smoother experience for users, this update includes many sought-after features. Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to all of them, but for now, here are a few highlights!

  • Improved Dashboard with a graphical overview of the current abuse situation for your account and zones. Users of our Free Abuse Report will recognize this feature.
  • Completely Redesigned Case View that supports more cases, and advanced filtering, sorting, and grouping. Making it easy to deal with the worst offenders first. The improved case view now offers more detailed information about the domain name, current and past abuse reports, a timeline view, chat-style case notes, improved screenshot functionality supporting more than one screenshot, and uploading of case evidence.
  • App Store-like Threat Intelligence Access, where users can pick and choose from our vetted selection of feeds.
  • Inbound Email Reports, offering an automated way to have reports entered into the system using email. This could be used manually by abuse staff or to power an Abuse Report Email Form.

If you are interested in knowing more about the new and improved features of version 2, we have a short overview video for you to watch.

Last but not least, the new version of Abuse Manager allows anyone who administers a portfolio of domain names to test the system through a 14-day trial. Create your account here, and start using Abuse Manager in under 5 minutes.