iQ's Commitment to a Safer Internet: Free iQ Abuse Manager for TLDs to Combat Online Child Abuse

At iQ, our core mission has always been to make the internet a safer, more secure place for everyone. It's a mission that drives every decision we make and every initiative we support. That's why we are wholeheartedly embracing and supporting the groundbreaking partnership announced by Public Interest Registry (PIR), the people behind .org, and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), aimed at eradicating the scourge of commercial child sexual abuse online.

This "first-of-its-kind" partnership represents a significant stride towards closing the loopholes that have allowed criminals to profit from child sexual abuse material online. Through PIR's trailblazing sponsorship agreement, registries and registry service providers will gain free access to two crucial IWF services: Domain Alerts and the TLD Hopping List. These tools are vital in the fight against the spread of child sexual abuse imagery, enabling quicker, more effective disruption of such content.

Why This Matters

The partnership between PIR and IWF is a beacon of hope in what has been a relentless battle against online child exploitation. The commercialization of child sexual abuse material is a heinous crime, with perpetrators exploiting domain registration systems to evade detection and continue their illegal activities. The initiative taken by PIR and IWF directly addresses this issue by empowering domain registries with the necessary tools to identify and remove such material swiftly.

iQ's Offer to TLDs

In solidarity with this partnership and to further our mission, iQ is proud to offer a free account of iQ Abuse Manager to any TLD (gTLD or cTLD) that registers their interest in the free offer from the PIR + IWF agreement.

By offering this tool at no cost, we aim to extend the reach of PIR and IWF's efforts, ensuring that more registries can participate in this crucial fight without financial constraints.

How iQ Abuse Manager Complements PIR & IWF's Efforts

iQ Abuse Manager will serve as a pivotal tool in this partnership by:

  • Enhancing Detection: Leveraging advanced technology to identify and flag domains hosting child sexual abuse material.
  • Streamlining Reporting: Facilitating swift reporting to registries, enabling immediate action.
  • Preventing Domain Hopping: Tracking and preventing the re-registration of known abuse "brands" under different TLDs.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite all TLD registries to take advantage of this offer and join us in our mission to eradicate child sexual abuse material from the internet. Together, with the support of initiatives like the PIR and IWF partnership and tools like iQ Abuse Manager, we can make significant strides towards a safer online environment for children and all internet users.

iQ remains committed to this cause, and we look forward to collaborating with Registries worldwide to make the internet a better place every day.

For more information on how to register for your interest in the free account of iQ Abuse Manager, please visit

Together, we can make a difference.