iQ Abuse Manager AI powered Email parser

We're thrilled to share something special with you.

As we outlined in a previous post, the team has been hard at work on the V3 updates to iQ Abuse Manager. 

As well as the enhancements already mentioned in that post, we’re delighted to announce the beginning of our foray into AI, with the imminent release of the iQ AI Email parser. 

The what now ?

Ok, let’s take a step back. The current version of iQ Abuse Manager, provides an automated way for our customers to receive email notifications from external threat sources that are not integrated in the platform.  For example, Netcraft emails can be sent directly to our customer’s iQ Abuse Manager account and our systems will automatically strip out the relevant data and add it to the case. Thereby reducing manual intervention, the potential for errors and freeing up valuable support agent time.

But that’s so 2022! So, in the next few weeks, this process becomes even more hands-off (and cooler).  While the existing parsers will continue to do their great time-saving jobs, they will have an extra helping hand in the form of our AI powered email parser.

In essence this means that iQ Abuse Manager can now accept any format of inbound email and the system will recognise the relevant information and add it to the case. Not only does this mean that customers can start forwarding emails from any notifier without having to wait for a specific parser to be created for them, but it extends further, to any other notification method, such as their abuse forms, helpdesk etc. 

Not only will this feature save customers additional workload but in essence they will not need to create a specific structure of abuse form notification email to “fit in” with how we want the data.

Because in the end, that’s what automation is about. Freedom to carry on with your day -to-day business.

NOT having to adapt your systems to how a 3rd party needs them to be.