Q1 update - what we've been up to!

Q1 has come and gone in a blur, and we wanted to make sure we celebrate our achievements with you in this update.

Welcome Kelly Hardy!


Last month we welcomed an industry legend, Kelly Hardy, to the iQ team.

Kelly brings her vast experience through her previous roles as a consultant to ccTLDS, data companies, registrars and ICANN, as well as her most recent role as Head of Registry Policy for CentralNic.

Experience that can only benefit iQ, future product releases and most importantly, our customers.

In a recent blog post, we sat down with her and asked her a few questions about herself, the next round, and industry as a whole.

Product Update - iQ Price Tracker

Realtime Retail Pricing Insights


The team has been hard at work planning a refresh and update of on of our popular products, the iQ Price Tracker.

As the name suggests, it provides Registries and Registrars with realtime TLD retail pricing insights. It offers flexible plans which include the ability to choose how many Registrars to monitor, data update frequency, historical data and more.

Empowering our customers to

  • Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring retail prices in real-time
  • Gain insights into their TLDs' pricing to optimise your sales strategy
  • Understand price elasticity
  • and much more...

If you'd like to know more about iQ Price Tracker, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

What is NameBlock?


Perhaps you have been hearing more about domain blocking services lately. Perhaps you have heard about NameBlock, and are trying to wrap your head around how it works and how it can impact your revenue.

iQ’s vast database of historical and ongoing abuse trends is just one element of our involvement with NameBlock, designed to be the marketplace for domain name blocking, scheduled for launch in a few short months.

AbuseShield from NameBlock is a powerful data-driven tool that blocks the variants of a domain name that are commonly used for abusive purposes. It prevents abuse before it happens while leaving legitimate domains untouched. It offers a new revenue opportunity while working to make the Internet safer.

BrandLock from NameBlock blocks domain names that are identical to the Block Label under one or several participating top-level domains. It is intended for end-users with or without a trademark that are trying to protect an idea or product name.

Partner News


As proud members of the IWF, we're incredibly proud of the work being done to combat CSAM.

They recently released their 2022 Annual Report which explains in detail the data and trends in relation to online child sexual abuse imagery identified by IWF last year.

Some key takeaways were:

  • The number of webpages containing Category A material found by the IWF has more than doubled since 2020.
  • Commercial pages exploiting sexual abuse of children have also doubled since 2020, contributing to increasing levels of “extreme” content.
  • In 2022, the IWF investigated a total of 375,230 reports suspected to contain child sexual abuse imagery - an increase of 4% on 2021.
  • Of these, 255,580 reports were confirmed to contain images or videos of children suffering sexual abuse.

You can view the full report here.

Feature Spotlight - Abuse Manager Shared Reports

Share reports seamlessly with your partners

Abuse Manager has a report sharing feature, where you can create DNS abuse reports within minutes, and share them with third parties such as your Registrars or Resellers. All without having to provide login details.

There are two ways to share a report:

Static share: is a one-time share of a specific set of abuse reports. This type of share will always contain the same reports and will not update over time.

Dynamic share: is an ongoing delivery of reports that updates whenever new reports come in. The reports are selected using filters that decide which reports should be included.

The recipient will be able to click on the individual domain name(s) to view a report with more granular data in it.

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