Q3 update - what we've been up to!

As we move into the 2nd half of the year, the team at iQ is delighted to share some of our latest news. As well as significant product updates, we also introduce a new team member, our community engagement and more.

iQ Abuse Manager V3 is Coming!


Our team has spent the better part of 2023 immersing ourselves in research, feedback, and understanding the evolving needs of the internet infrastructure community.

The outcome? The highly-anticipated Version 3 of iQ Abuse Manager, crafted to address the fast-evolving internet threats and global legislative changes.

A Sneak Peek into the New Features:

  • Advanced Report Sharing: Enhance collaboration with feedback on abuse report actions.
  • Revamped Abuse Reporting: User-friendly form templates and a customisable submission API for your unique needs.
  • AI-Powered Report Abuse Chat: Real-time guidance for users during abuse incident reviews.
  • Enhanced Reports with Machine Learning: Deeper insights, actionable info, and proactive abuse combat.
  • Humanly Vetted Reports: Blending technology with human touch for unmatched precision.
  • AI-Driven Case Summaries: Navigate abuse cases with AI's contextual insights.
  • Automated Investigations: Save time with our improved automation tools.
  • Enhanced Integration Tools: Seamless integration with your current systems.
  • iQ Abuse Feed v2: Access new Threat Intelligence sources powered by our iQ Risk Scoring Machine Learning technology.

Release Timeline:

Following our continuous delivery approach, features will be released from August to November 2023.

If you’d like more details on the features, we recently wrote a blog post outlining them.

iQ Price Tracker Update


The iQ Price Tracker refresh is in progress and expected to be available in September.

iQ Price Tracker provides Registries and Registrars with realtime TLD retail pricing insights.

It offers flexible plans which include the ability to choose how many Registrars to monitor, data update frequency, historical data and more.

Empowering our customers to

  • Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring retail prices in real-time
  • Gain insights into their TLDs' pricing to optimise your sales strategy
  • Understand price elasticity
  • and much more...

If you'd like to know more about iQ Price Tracker, please contact us!

Welcoming a New Star to Our Team!


As we continue to grow, it's always a special moment when we get to introduce fresh talent into our team.

We would like to introduce you to our new team member, Matthew Allen. A talented software engineer, Matthew is originally from Dublin, Ireland and now calls Norway his home.

We're confident that with the addition of Matthew’s skills we'll reach new heights and achieve even greater successes.

As well as being a movie buff, in his spare time, Matthew enjoys hiking, biking and cooking.

Welcome to the team Matthew!

iQ responds to ICANN’s request for Public Comment: Amendments to the Base gTLD RA and RAA to Modify DNS Abuse Contract Obligations


iQ Director of Policy and Compliance, Steinar Grotterod, has submitted a Public Comment on behalf of IQ Global in regard to the Amendments to the Modification of the Base gTLD RA and RRA Contract Obligations in regard to DNS Abuse Mitigation.

IQ supports the contract amendments and Registry/Registrar communities in taking this important step.

Asia Pacific (APAC) Domain Name System (DNS) Forum


Kelly Hardy SVP of Strategy and Development attended the recent Asia Pacific (APAC) Domain Name System (DNS) Forum in Hong Kong.

The event provided an exceptional platform for the regional DNS community to network, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities.

Kelly participated in the panel discussion Mitigating DNS Abuse - Enhancing Cyber Security at the root. In her presentation Kelly discussed working together to fulfil the responsibilities of the community as well the ways AI is changing both the landscape of threats and avenues to mitigation.

We extend our gratitude to the organisers, sponsors, speakers, and fellow attendees for their contributions to this enriching event.

You can view a recording of the session here.

LAC Domain Names Week

LAC DNS Week 2023 took place from July 10-13 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The LAC Domain Names Week brings together industry, Internet policy, and technical professionals interested in debating DNS-related issues. The forum also provides an opportunity to engage and network with key players and experts in the field.

Kelly Hardy spoke on the panel “What are the best practices for mitigating DNS abuse?” along with Pinky Brand of Nameblock AS, León Sánchez, ICANN, Olga Cavalli, South School of Internet Governance, Mark Datysgeld, ICANN GNSO.

In her panel presentation, Kelly discussed the importance of ccTLD action in DNS Abuse mitigation as well as quick wins that registries and registrars can implement to lessen the impact of DNS Abuse ahead of a forthcoming white paper that covers these topics.

iQ to attend London Domain Summit


The team will be attending this 2 day event from the 22nd to the 23rd of August 2023

If you are planning to be at the summit, let's connect! We'd love to meet you there and explore collaborative opportunities.

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