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Abuse Manager - New Feature: Report Sharing

Published by The iQ Team on
iQ Abuse Manager using the share reports feature
Are you tired of searching for abuse information in countless emails or attachments (often with cryptic names) ?Frustrated with creating endless domain abuse spreadsheets and sending the same emails over and over?Worry no more! With Abuse Manager's ne... Read More

Meet us at ICANN 75 - Kuala Lumpur

Published by Gianni Ponzi on
Image of Kuala Lumpur
ICANN 75 is almost upon us and some of the iQ team will be there.The schedule is pretty packed and we're really looking forward to catching up with friends and customers on that side of the world. Some of whom we haven't seen in ... Read More

Abuse Manager Tip: Viewing all cases for a date range

Published by Gianni Ponzi on
Filtering Abuse Manager cases by date
Managing and reviewing cases is typically a daily or weekly activity. But there are times when you need to have an overview of all of your cases. iQ Abuse Manager provide the functionality to filter case by multiple criteria.One of them is the option to filter cases... Read More

Abuse Manager: Evidence Gathering

Published by Gianni Ponzi on
Evidence gathering is incredibly important when managing a case of potential domain name abuse. So, carrying on from our recent blog post on the automatic screenshot functionality in iQ Abuse Manager, toda... Read More

Join us a Namescon

Published by Gianni Ponzi on
Namescon Global 2022
Namescon 2022 is nearly upon us and the iQ team will be there.Held in Austin, Texas from August 31 to September 3, it promises to be a great event in a vibrant location.The team is looking forward to the diverse agenda, speaker line... Read More

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