iQ Domain TakeDown

iQ Domain TakeDown

Managing domain name abuse is something that more and more companies and service providers need to do. Either to protect their customers or to uphold the quality of their services.

iQ has been helping our customers do this for years, with iQ Abuse Manager and our consulting service, iQ Managed Abuse. Both services are excellent for continuously monitoring and mitigating domain name abuse at scale.

Today, we add another offering to our range with a service equally suited to deal with a single malicious domain name or a larger number of abusive websites.

Let's welcome iQ Domain TakeDown! A brand new consulting service where our Senior Abuse Policy Advisers work with requests for a domain takedown. This service is available for iQ Abuse Manager customers through their case view and for anyone submitting a service request via our new Domain TakeDown website.

The first step is to investigate and potentially corroborate any evidence handed over for the request. In this task, our staff uses the full iQ Threat Intelligence feed to find any indications that might strengthen the case for taking action against the domain name.

In the second step, our staff leverages their extensive network of connections built over the last 25 years. By contacting any service providers related to the domain name, such as Registries, Registrars, or Hosting Providers, and sharing the requested takedown and evidence, we ask that they take action.

If the requested takedown is not successful in this first attempt, our staff will advise the customer on what alternative avenues are available for this specific case and domain name to make sure they can take it to the next level.

iQ Domain TakeDown is a service meant to help customers with little to no knowledge about taking down a malicious domain name in starting the process and potentially mitigating domain name abuse.

A warranted disclaimer is that this service does not include, nor is it, a substitute for legal counsel, nor will it directly result in a UDRP even if that is the resulting best course of action.

The service is available today, you can read more about it and request your first iQ Domain TakeDown on our website!

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